FEMA Honoring Christian Rapper Angie Rose’s Organization for Aiding Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria

Christian Hip Hop artist Angie Rose has been heavily involved in helping with the relief efforts of Puerto Rico since the island was devastated by Hurricane Maria in 2017, and now the government agency FEMA is honoring her organization, Unstoppable Foundation, for their work.

Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in September of 2017, destroying most of the popular island. The storm knocked out power throughout the entire island, and still today, 80 percent of Puerto Ricans are without electricity.

Rose, a Bronx native of Puerto Rican descent decided to use her resources as an artist to bring aid to help out the ravaged island by forming the Unstoppable Foundation. For her efforts, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has decided to honor her foundation for the humanitarian work they have done.

“Just got a call from Fema they are doing a ceremony and honoring organizations that they feel contributed and worked the hardest (considering their resources) for the island of Puerto Rico! They have chosen to honor the Unstoppable Foundation!” Rose Tweeted on Thursday.

The artist was grateful for the recognition and praised God for providing her and the foundation with the means to be a blessing.

“I was shocked and grateful! I know they work with a ton of organizations and what blessed me most was hearing the representative say, ‘I’m just grateful that believers came and kept their word, it’s a blessing to know that Jesus came to touch our island,'” Rose told The Christian Post about her reaction to the honor. “It’s a blessing to come from where I do and see God move the way He does. I’m utterly convinced – His word is true. His power is truly made perfect in weakness!”

According to its website, the Unstoppable Foundation’s mission is to support communities in need while encouraging them to seek a better financial future. The organization maintains a community center that distributes food and necessities. The center also provides opportunities for career growth and training.

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Source: Christian Post