Four Chinese Christian Churches Ordered to Join Government Network or Be Shut Down

Four Christian churches in China’s Sichuan province have been given an ultimatum and told they must join the official Communist government network or be shut down.

ChinaAid, which monitors the persecution of believers, reported on what it called a “massive crackdown” on unregistered churches in the southwestern province, explaining that the final warnings have recently been sent to the pastors, asking them to make a decision.

“A few churches’ pastors, who I have connections with, already received the government’s final warning, requiring that they should make a decision within two weeks: either join Three-Self Churches or be disbanded,” said one local area Christian, who wasn’t named.

The four churches in particular that need to decide whether to join the state-run Three-Self Churches or cease existing are Shangxi Church in Guangyuan, Guiyi Church in Mianyang, Xinguang Church and Joshua Church in Chengdu.

The churches have in the past been told that their worship venues are illegitimate and that the worship services they put together are illegal. The churches say they have been continuously harassed by police officers and local security authorities, who have been trying to prevent them from holding services.

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Source: Christian Post